Strays of Rio for only $0.99

My thriller Strays of Rio is Today’s Featured ebook at the MuseItUp bookstore and available at a real bargain price of only $0.99 USD. If you haven’t snatched up a copy yet, the book won’t get any cheaper.

Death squads, drug lords, homeless kids, and one woman vigilante: an explosive mix on the streets of Rio.

Cover Strays of Rio

Back Cover:
Lisa Kerry witnesses a private death squad attack street kids close to her bookstore. When the police take no action, she vows to purge Rio of the ruthless killers. To keep him out of the line of fire, she must quell her affection for the one man cut out to exorcise the demons of her past. Drawing strength and rage from the abuse she suffered as a young girl in a juvenile detention center, Lisa closes in on her marks.

Unable to get to the rich and powerful leader of the recreational killers, she enlists the older brother of one of her street urchin friends—a drug lord. Lisa’s pursuit of justice spirals into a violent struggle to survive, for herself, her young charges, and the man she loves.

Review: Into the Dark by Stacy Green

I was happy to discover an excellent suspense writer and fellow author at MuseItUp Publishing: Stacy Green.

Well written and skillfully crafted, Into the Dark centers around three main characters: a victim who can’t accept her role, a killer pining over his lost love, and a hostage negotiator troubled by past failure. These characters quickly come alive and keep gaining depth throughout the book. There are plenty of vivid minor players, as well. Stacy Green breathes life into her creations with only a few light strokes.

One might call Las Vegas the forth main character. We only get a few glimpses of the glamor and see more of its dark underbelly. Of course, it’s dirty and reeks, but we encounter fascinating people there. While the thriller plot kept me turning the pages, Into the Dark is also an intelligent study of how past actions affect who we are and what we strive for, if we like it or not.

Highly recommended! The book is also available as paperback at

Review: A Summer Squall by Wendy Laharnar

I’m a fan of author Wendy Laharnar ever since I read The Unhewn Stone, which is currently on sale for $1.99 at the MuseItUp Publishing bookstore, amazon, etc.

Earlier this month her excellent short story A Summer Squall has been released. This charming story offers a fascinating glimpse into a writer’s world. Where does inspiration come from? How does imagination transform reality? As always, Wendy Laharnar’s prose is beautiful, the setting gorgeous and dangerous on this aquatic roller coaster ride. The occasional pinch of humor provides moments of relief while engaging characters brave the elements.

It’s hard to review this little gem without giving away too much, but I highly recommend reading A Summer Squall.

German edition of Strays of Rio in print

The German paperback edition of Strays of Rio — Die Streuner von Rio — is now available via The book’s English twin is scheduled for paperback release in April. So be patient, my English speaking friends and paper fans.

Cover Die Streuner von Rio

Translating again

Today I’ve started translating Rapunzel Ruse into German although I feel guilty about skipping Crumple Zone. But that one I’ve read too often during the last months, trying to catch any remaining issues together with my editors. Maybe when I’m done with Rapunzel. But then there’s Cinderella, too. Oh my, so much work to do. I’m glad a cold gave me a short break to vegetate. 🙂

Linux is back

My shopping trip to Norma offered a great surprise. Of course I had to buy a box of Linux although it was rather heavy. 🙂


Crumple Zone delivered

Overnight, my new baby was born. This novel was inspired by a real accident my partner and I had toward the end of a fantastic road trip through the Atacama Desert in 2008. We actually made the front page in a local newspaper. The star of this adventure was certainly our rented X-Trail. To find out more, see my guest post at Rosalie Skinner’s blog.

Cover for Crumple Zone

Lara, a workaholic from Seattle, loses her job, drowns her frustrations in scotch, and books a trip to Chile. Instead of facing her messed up life, she escapes to South America and hooks up with a backpacker, whose bag of tricks conveniently distracts her.

Hauling freight along the same route, trucker Enrique battles the loneliness of the Atacama Desert, imagining his wife by his side. If only she’d stop urging him to come home. With growing unease, he sets off on the return trip. When his path crosses Lara’s, the impact knocks them both off their errant tracks to face real life.

Read an excerpt at the publisher’s site: MuseItUp Publishing where the book is available at a 20% discount for a limited time.

Coming soon: Crumple Zone

Only one week to go until the release of Crumple Zone. It’s already available for pre-order in North America from MuseItUp Publishing.

I’ve been browsing through my Chile photos again to upload some on What a beautiful country of extremes: desert, coastline, the Andes. Every time I saw the X-Trail, though, my knees went weak. No problem when I’m sitting in front of my computer, but still. I loved that car and what a hero it turned into. Maybe I should write a short story from the X-Trail’s point of view with a heart-wrenching death scene. Don’t laugh, I might do it. I’d likely need a car mechanic to help me out with some technical details though.

Crumple Zone Cover

Die Streuner von Rio now available

Yesterday I released my German translation of Strays of Rio via I’m excited. Within a couple of days, Die Streuner von Rio should be available from all major ebook distributors in Europe.

Cover Die Streuner von Rio

In Rio de Janeiro wird Lisa Kerry Zeugin eines grausamen Anschlags auf Straßenkinder. Da sich die Polizei weniger für die Identität der Verbrecher interessiert als dafür, was die Streuner in der Nähe von Lisas Buchhandlung in Copacabana zu suchen hatten, beschließt Lisa, sie selbst zur Strecke zu bringen. Nicht zum ersten Mal übt sie Selbstjustiz. Doch dazu muss sie Tony aus der Schusslinie halten, den Mann, der durch seine Liebe zu ihr die Dämonen aus ihrer Vergangenheit in einer Jugendstrafanstalt austreiben könnte.

Da Lisa nicht an den Anführer der Todesschwadron herankommt, bittet sie den großen Bruder eines der Straßenjungen, einen Drogenboss, um Hilfe. Lisas Streben nach Gerechtigkeit mündet in einer Spirale der Gewalt, in der ihre jungen Freunde, Tony und auch sie selbst in Todesgefahr geraten.

Ein spannender Thriller an einem exotischen Schauplatz, der auch die facettenreichen sozialen Probleme in den Straßen von Rio de Janeiro beleuchtet.

Review: Leighton Gage — Blood of the Wicked

I stumbled across the Chief Inspector Mario Silva Investigations by Leighton Gage while looking for crime mysteries and thrillers set in South America. Blood of the Wicked is the first in the series and hooked me with the ‘Look inside’ excerpt on amazon. I downloaded the book and finished it in one day, so I simply had to get the next one, Buried Strangers. I’ll try to make this one last a little longer, since there’s only a limited supply, but I might fail.

Blood of the Wicked revolves around the conflict between landowners and landless workers, who are basically slaves whose shackles have been replaced by lack of money to get somewhere else and make a new start. Great writing with interesting characters of all flavors. There’s no black and white in this intricate mystery. The Chief Inspector is a well drawn character who has his burdens to carry. Just as vividly portrayed are the minor players.

Leighton Gage paints a realistic picture of the war over land and power, the plight of street kids, and the effects and causes of police corruption. A brave book that handles the atrocious violence with a fairly gentle hand. The author draws the curtain once the reader ‘gets the picture’. He pulls no punches but fortunately does wear boxing gloves.