About Me

I studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States. After graduating with a PhD, I worked as a technical writer and editor. Drawn to a more challenging career and increased opportunities for traveling, I moved on to people management at a global IT company. Now a full-time writer and editor, I strive to combine my two passions: writing and traveling.

I just can’t stop making up stories. I invent characters, I plot away. It’s an addiction. Once in a while, when I collapse at my desk and realize I smell bad and the fridge is empty, I try to quit. I venture out into the real world. I meet friends, watch movies, travel… But when I see a keyboard, my fingers itch. I just can’t control myself. Friends watch out for me, drag me away, force me to have fun, but there’s always the point when I sneak back to my computer.

Want to find out about my novels? Got to my writer’s page.