Look at my pretty fosterling!

Francene Stanley’s fantastic novel Still Rock Water has been released! Yahoo! I’ve been helping out with babysitting and grooming this one, but left the diaper changes to Francene. 😉 We actually met on the playground when this one and Strays of Rio were still toddlers. Who’d have thought they’d spawn the four books in the Higher Ground Series?

I feel like my godchild just graduated from college. Yay! Go, Liliha, conquer the world! May you find many happy readers!

SRW Cover

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Rosalie SkinnerOctober 23rd, 2012 at 6:02 am

Francene has a great story in Liliha’s journey. You can be justifiably proud for your part in creating or polishing the manuscript. It shines like the moonstone ring Liliha wears.

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