Five years since Crumple Zone testing

In 2008. JJ and I decided to meet ‘half-way’ between Australia and Germany and settled on Chile. So we met in Santiago before heading north toward the Atacama Desert


I almost got our brave X-Trail and ourselves squashed once before when I barely managed to pull off the road to avoid an oncoming monster truck:

X-Trail Monster Truck

Toward the end of our trip, it did happen… Squashed between a tomato truck and a liquid gas truck isn’t exactly how I envisioned our wonderful trip to end.


For more photos, check out my page.

Of course such an experience inspired a new novel. Crumple Zone is now available in English and German:


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Silvia VillalobosOctober 2nd, 2013 at 8:38 pm

Wow. Love the top photos, but not the one of the crumpled car. ):
Great book, Edith. And quite the adventure you had.

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