Caught up in Translation

It feels like I’ve been mainly translating for a whole year now. End of October last year, I carefully felt my way into translating Strays of Rio from English into German. Kind of strange when you have to get on sure footing with your mother tongue again. In January I released the book via and it made first place (best rated by the community) in the second quarter competition for entering the slush pile at Droemer Knaur, one of the few German publishers who realized the publishing world is changing and it won’t do any longer to ask authors to send in printouts and wait for months and longer, without even being guaranteed a response. I’m still waiting to hear back from them, but it’ll only be another week or two.

Next, I translated Adventure Trek I, not yet published in English. Oh boy, what a disaster. When I was done, I had a great idea how to tighten the story and cut a meandering subplot. Of course that meant fixing two versions. Ugh. Pure pain.

Then I received the first assignments from writing buddies. Suddenly I had to work the other way round for the first time when I translated Jutta Wölk’s Mrs. Commingdale I from German into English. Around the same time, I received the first substantial English novel to translate: The Stasi File by Peter Bernhardt. Not that my books don’t have substance, but they are usually much shorter. 😉

I really expected that I would be ready for a writing fix after that one, but instead I tackled Crumple Zone to get the German edition out there for the fifth anniversary (Oct 1) of our accident in Chile, which inspired the novel. Now I should have been more than ready for a break, but instead I suggested to Kathrin Brückmann that I would translate her excellent short story 2:17 from German to English if she proofread my German translation of Adventure Trek I after I had made quite a few changes. So here I was translating again.

A short trip to the Alps and an editing project ended my translation spree at least for a while, but the former is over and the latter will soon be completed as well and then what? Translate Adventure Trek II or write Adventure Trek III? Write something completely different? In which language?

Any bets? I have no idea.

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