Review: Burn in Hell by Marian Lanouette

Burn in Hell had me hooked from the start although I haven’t read the first book in the series. Kyra, a gambling addict on the verge of ruining her life, takes the spot light. Despite her flaws or because of them, the reader simply has to root for her. She’s an engaging character showing how a slot machine can cause addictive excitement until it’s time to pay the debt.

If only she wasn’t falling for a cop at the same time, she might be able to cope with the situation. It just gets worse when Jake Carrington has to take over a missing person case, which leads to the man who thinks he owns Kyra because she couldn’t pay up.

Unlike Jake, the reader knows early on what dangers Kyra is facing. Burn in Hell is not your average Whodunnit, but a suspense mystery with human drama at its core. The real question is if and how the guilty victim can survive and get out of the mess she’s landed herself in.

Jake too is a very convincing character torn between two women, but he’d never let Kyra down if only she trusted him. There’s no black and white in this book. Marian Lanouette weaves an intricate and intriguing yarn.

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